Hindu Temple Society of Canada: Practising Hinduism at home

Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion and it has existed for more than 4,000 years now. It is widely practised around the world, following Christianity and Islam. Although most Hindus live in India, you can still find them in different parts of the globe such as here in Canada. 

Hinduism follows plenty of beliefs and some of the most important ones include the following: 

  • Truth is eternal
  • Brahman is truth and reality
  • Vedas are the ultimate authority 
  • We should strive to achieve dharma 
  • Each soul is immortal
  • A significant goal of every soul is moksha or liberation.

Besides learning about these things, it is important for every Hindu to practice our belief in our own ways. An example of this is to apply this in our own homes. Here is everything you need to know about it:  

Have your own shrine 

A shrine or any clean room in your home is a good place for Hindus to worship. This would depend on your preference but what matters is that this area is where you can peacefully pay respects to Brahman. Let your entire family participate in this so that the younger ones can see its value even from their tender age. 

The shrine should contain the following objects that can heighten your five senses: 

  • Bell

A bell is used to awaken the god and let them know that you are ready to worship. Your sense of hearing is awakened during the start of the ceremony. 

  • Food offerings 

Food offerings can be of any kind but some of the most popular ones are fruits. The sense of taste is heightened during this part of the worship. 

  • Murti

Murti is the image or the statue of the god that you plan to worship. Your sense of sight is focused on this part of the ceremony. 

  • Incense

You should burn the incense during this puja ceremony. Its smoke fills the room which is a reminder for all worshippers that Brahman is always there. Moreover, it is meant to purify the air. Your sense of smell is used in this part of the worship.  

  • Kumkum powder 

Kumkum powder is used to mark the head of the worshipper and the god as a means to show respect. Your sense of touch is used during this part of the ceremony. 

About Hindu Temple Society of Canada 

Aside from practising Hinduism at home, you can also pay respects in the Hindu Temple Society of Canada. It is open from Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 AMto 1:00 PM and 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. You can also come on Fridays and weekends or holidays from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. If you want to stay updated with the schedules and different events hosted by us, visit our website for the details.

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