The most popular Hindu festivals you need to experience

The most popular Hindu festivals you need to experience

Every culture has something unique to offer and India is no exception. Aside from the rich culture, delicious food and hospitable locals, India also has a diverse array of festivals and practices that come from Hinduism. These practices are considered to be the oldest religion in the world, dating back to 4,000 years ago. 

During special times of the year, people who practice Hinduism celebrate festivals. These are so much more than just lively music, dancing and eating. There are sacred meanings behind these festivals and people celebrate them to pay tribute to the gods. Learn more about some of the most popular festivals in India below:  

Holi Festival

Festivals are known for being full of music and colour, and the Holi festival is no exception. This celebrates the power of Lord Vishnu as the dedication and belief of the god lead to the demise of demoness Holika. To celebrate, people throw coloured powder and squirt water guns at others. This is considered a happy and colourful moment in Hinduism that is celebrated from March 28 to 29 every year. 

Ganesh Festival

The powerful elephant god Ganesh is considered one of the most sacred gods in Hinduism. From September 10 to 19, people all over India decorate their own likeness of Ganesh. In the streets, huge floats or statues of Ganesh are paraded around the area while citizens worship and provide offerings and prayers to these statues throughout the entire week. 

Onam Festival

This festival is only celebrated in the Southern parts of India, specifically in Kerala. The Onam Festival celebrates the arrival of King Mahabali using flowers, delicious food and fun activities! One of the highlights of the festival includes the snake boat races that take place all day and involve the youngsters in the state. 

Diwali Festival  

The theme of the Diwali festival is celebrating the power of light over darkness. It is also known as the festival of lights and is held every year on November 4. During this day, people can expect gorgeous fireworks, fire shows, performances, lanterns and so many more. It’s an amazing sight to see and will surely take anyone’s breath away. 

About the Hindu Temple Society of Canada 

The Hindu Temple Society of Canada is located in Richmond Hill. This is an association that supports the citizens of Canada who practice Hinduism. Our facility is open every day for people to gather and pray whenever they want. We also hold events and gatherings a few times a week for people to come and take part in hearing Hindu scriptures. 

If you are interested to learn more about our community, feel free to see our website. There you will find a full list of our gatherings and upcoming events as well. For other questions and concerns, you may visit our office and refer to one of our staff members.

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