Chief PriestPangusa Sarma Gurukal
PriestParthasarathi Gopala Battar
PriestKrishnamachari Govindarajan Battar
PriestShanmugaratna Iyer Subasuthan Gurukal
PriestHari Prasath Pichai Mani Gurukal
PriestKumaraswamy Sivashankar Gurukal
PriestVaithiyanathan Sivamani Gurukal
PriestGowreeswara Sarma Gurukal

The priests serving the Hindu Temple Society of Canada

A Hindu temple will never be complete without the presence of Brahmins or Pujari. These priests act as the temple’s right-hand official that will take care of all the needs of its devotees. They either conduct or assist worship in the temple depending on their designation. Eight priests serve in the Hindu Temple Society of Canada and they are always ready for your spiritual needs.

The Hindu priests serve as the intermediary between the worshippers and their god. Devotees will not be able to pray properly without an intervention; that is why temples should always have different priests present. 

Brahmins vs. Pujari

Both Brahmins and Pujari are Hindu priests that serve in sacred temples but have different designations in the caste system. Brahmins are at the top of the caste and should only serve the main Hindu gods. They are also expected to be the final judges of purity among the devotees by maintaining the sanctity of the sacred temples. 

On the other hand, the Pujari serves as the priest for simple ceremonies that don’t require the presence of a Brahmin. They are also the caretakers of temples for lower-ranking gods. Devotees from the lower caste are not allowed near high-ranking temples so they have to make do with a low-ranking priest. 

The 8 priests that serve Hindu Temple Society of Canada

The Hindu Temple Society of Canada is a high-ranking temple that devotes itself to the important Hindu gods. The eight priests that serve this temple are qualified to address your spiritual needs regardless of your background. A chief Brahmin leads each one of them to live within the teachings of Hinduism.

Below are the names of each priest that serve this temple: 

  • Pangusa Sarma Gurukal (Chief Priest)
  • Parthasarathi Gopala Battar
  • Krishnamachari Govindarajan Battar
  • Shanmugaratna Iyer Subasuthan Gurukal
  • Hari Prasath Pichai Mani Gurukal
  • Kumaraswamy Sivashankar Gurukal
  • Vaithiyanathan Sivamani Gurukal
  • Gowreeswara Sarma Gurukal

Please note that the major rituals will be performed by the Brahmin priests. The other Pujari priests are allowed to mediate in worship and assist in some rituals and simple ceremonies. 

Responsibilities of priests 

There are key responsibilities that the priests at this temple must provide for their communities and they are listed below:

  1. Our priests should be both spiritually-deep and theologically-wise because they will be the community’s guide in their journey through life. For the priests to accurately recite the chants in rituals and ceremonies, they should be well versed in Sanskrit. 
  2. There are different rituals that priests must preside over during Punja, the daily worship service that temples provide for their devotees. They must have command over the sacred texts and blessings they will perform.
  3. They will be presiding over important events of your life such as weddings or sacred thread ceremonies that will serve as your right of passage. 
  4. Hindu Temple Society of Canada priests should always stay loyal to the sacred temple at all times. They must keep everything here in order and maintain the sanctity and purity of our place of worship. 
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